Friday, November 11, 2005

The Monkey Reference

The appearance of FishFrog's monkey postings (here and here) have given me the opportunity to share with you the phenomenom of the Monkey Reference. Although not scientficially proven (yet), I find that this theory holds up in my life, and I think you will too.

Each day you will have a monkey reference. You will either see a monkey (or picture of), read a monkey word, or hear a monkey refernce. "Monkey" applies to any type monkey whether it be a gorrilla, a chimp, Curious George, a monkey wrench or the monkey pox. If you see/hear/read it - it's a reference. Sure, laugh-- I can hear you now, but trust me when I say, "It will come to pass." Just wait for it.

For those of you saying you haven't had a monkey reference for days, I ask you: do you read Fish Frog Monkey Man? His blog name alone is a reference! It's not that the references aren't there; it's that you are not paying attention!

I get a lot of critisim for this claim, but I don't mind because if I change the life of just one person then I've done my duty. You'll see -- monkey's are everywhere!
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