Saturday, June 14, 2008

0 for 3...

My movie outings have not been very successful lately. Tonight I saw The Happening. It just so happens that this movie sucks! It was ridiculously cheesy, but there were also some good laughs to be had (some intentional, others not so much), so it might be worth renting and watching in a group. It is not worth 8 bucks to see it in the theater, however, and there is really no action, so seeing it on "the big screen" should not be a high priority.

I can't wait for the new Batman and James Bond movies to come out. I need to see something Awesome! before I loose my faith in movies.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

unicorns do exist!

Read about it here.

worth reading

A friend of mine linked to an article called Two Phrases That Destroyed American Culture. I quite enjoyed the article, and I agree with the author's point whole-heartedly. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the wonders - and pitfalls- of spellcheck

I always misspell "cinnamon," and the spell check never gives me the correct spelling.
  • cinneman generates: lineman's, lineman, cinema, Annamarie, and cinemas
  • cinamman generates: Chinaman's, Chinaman, Tammany's, Tammany, and commanding
I just discovered that if you misspell cinnamon as cinnamen, it will give you the correct word. So, please, misspell your words wisely (apparently I don't).

from ho-hum to ho-ray!

While I was at Walgreen's looking for band-aids to address my battle wound, I came across cinnamon twizzlers! They kind of taste like those giant cinnamon gummy bears. As cinnamon is one of my favorite spices, this makes me exclaim, "horray!"

Monday, June 09, 2008

we can do it! ... think again, rosie. think again

Recently, my car (Orion) has had some trouble. His hubcaps came off, his driver side mirror broke, his check engine light came on, and his headlight burnt out. To combat Orion's demise, a friend of mine has been helping me with my car. Watching him change the oil and work on other things under the hood, saying things like "EGR Valve!" lead me to believe that with a little help from my owner's manual, I could do stuff to fix Orion, too.

Today I put on new hubcaps - whoo-hoo! We'll see how secure they are after I take my car for a spin. After accomplishing that feat, I decided to tackle the burnt out head light. Although I successfully changed the bulbs, I ended up taking a huge hunk out of my finger and breaking what we think is the wiring harness. It looks complicated, and possibly expensive. Wires are involved! I hope Orion (and my bank account) come through this in one piece. Stay tuned for updates on the Orion saga...

**Update** my handy friend fixed the wiring harness by removing something that looked important. My headlight works now and my car didn't explode or implode! From this I learned, if it's broken, break it more! Aces!!

a swing and a miss

A couple of my friends play on a co-ed softball team, and occasionally they ask me to sub in for someone to avoid forfeiting a game. As I am a good friend, I am always happy to oblige. Happy, but not without some trepidation because I haven't played softball in 20 years. Last night was the second time I played for them; I play catcher because that way I don't actually have to catch the ball (I'm required to let the pitched ball bounce). Last night I was happy because I actually threw the ball as far as the pitcher's mound (well, almost).

When it was my turn to bat, I trotted up to the plate. I was feeling pretty good because last game I swung thrice, hitting the ball every time. Last night, however, all my swings were ill-timed and ill-advised. At my second time up to bat, the other team's catcher actually asked me, "Have you ever played softball before?" I was flabbergasted! We're playing on a recreational softball team! I could not believe she asked that. It's fine for me to be self-deprecating about by softball skillz, but the other team? My response: "Not since the 4th grade."

Sunday, June 08, 2008

friends, shoes, and good times...

My friend Irene is visiting from Phoenix for the week, and tonight we hit the town! By the end of a night of bowling, bar hopping, and walking the 10 blocks back to my car, our feet were tired. But our shoes? Our shoes still looked fabulous!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

Not worth the price of a movie ticket. So disappointing... on so many levels.

Thoughts after leaving the theater:
  • it is overly sentimental and cheesy
  • animals are used comically - not in a good way, but in a Failure to Launch - eye-roll inducing way
  • the premise is ridiculous
  • it is predictable

i'm a teacher!... with a job!!!

I've finally completed all the steps necessary to be a certified teacher, and while I'm awaiting approval from the state, that is really a formality at this point (albeit a very important formality). With all my certification classes finished, it seemed the proper thing to do was interview for some teaching positions. So, Thursday I interviewed with a couple of districts, and on Friday I was offered a job!! I feel so lucky to have found a job so quickly. I'm not sure what grade(s) or subject(s) I'll be teaching come August, but I should find out in a few weeks after I sign my contract.