Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

pictures of our pumpkins (as promised):

We had a handful of trick-or-treaters tonight, but not very many. I don't think a lot of people in my neighborhood pass out candy, and we are the only ones with pumpkins that I can see. Still, the kids who came were really cute. We had pirates, witches, ballerinas, star wars thing, and even a muggle (one of the little kid's older brothers was not dressed up, but when I asked him what he was supposed to be he said he was a muggle. I gave him candy for that!)

my organized office!

The bookcase on the right is the one I just bought. You can't see it, but there is also a little cove area for Lucy's stuff.

why does organizing create such a big mess?

Today I am organizing all my school stuff. I have an office, and up until now it has been filled with boxes of my school stuff, my craft stuff, and my mailing stuff. Try as I might, I could not get organized, and I finally determined the reason why was because I had no place to put anything that was in said boxes. So, last night I went to target and bought shelves. First off, let me say I cannot believe how cheap they were! Only 20bucks for a 3 shelf (fake) cherry bookcase. I was pleasantly surprised as I had intended on just buying some ultra cheap plastic shelves. Secondly, they were so easy to put together and I didn't even need a hammer. Nice.

So, now I'm organizing. I'm going through class binders and throwing out the useless information and creating new binders that are more user-friendly because they are organized by resource-type (lesson planning materials, behavior management, etc). As a result, there are papers strewn all about my room, much to Lucy's delight. I think this reminds her of Panda's final season study mess, and she likes it because she has much paper to pounce on and destroy.

are you freaking kidding me?

There is now bottled water being marketed specifically for dogs. It's called "woof-woof" water.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

beth orton

Listen to her, and love her. I've been listening to her all day, and I can't get enough! I thank Panda for introducing me to her on my 26th birthday when she put the song Stolen Car on my birthday mix.


I enjoy being bedazzled and being found to be bedazzling.

I am also fond of saying, "I am bewitched, bewildered, and bedazzled;" although, the occasion to say such a thing is rare, indeed.


My room-mate and I carved pumpkins tonight! It was so much fun, and I will post pictures tomorrow (my camera batteries died, so pictures must wait). Live in anticipation!!!

cute kid story

I lunched with my old co-workers today (and yes, I said "lunched"), and my one co-worker who has a 5 year old told this story: Every day she asks her son to tell her something good about his day at school. The other day she asked him this question, and he responded by saying, "do you want the good or the accidentally bad?" Heehee. The next time I do something wrong, I'm going to refer to it as the "accidentally bad" thing I did.

it's a wonder I've made it this long

with out killing myself (accidentally, of course).

Today I almost killed myself twice. I blame my super cute Halloween slipper-socks and my stairs. The first time, I ran down my steps and when my slipper-sock covered foot hit the hardwood floor at the bottom of the stairs, it went flying up, and the rest of my body went flying backwards. Luckily, I grabbed the doorknob in time to catch myself. The second time, I ran down the steps and my slipper sock slipped and I went sliding down the steps until my bum finally stopped me. It hurt. A lot. My back still hurts actually. And yet...I'm still wearing my slipper socks. Their cute; they are red and black stripped, and they have a pumpkin on them.

Monday, October 29, 2007

one day someone will call me...

macushla - a term of endearment (from the Irish words "mo" and "cuisle" meaning "my" and "pulse" respectively).

I came across this word in a book I recently bought from the used bookstore that has a bunch of words that have all but died out from the English language. This word should not die. It is very sweet and pretty. I love it so much that I've been trying to find a way to introduce it into my daily vocabulary, but sadly I don't have a macushla to call my own. Yesterday, as I watched The Office, Micheal greeted Pam as his "macushla." Apparently, this word is also used in Million Dollar baby. Clearly it is not as uncommon as I thought, and to that I say, "horay! for it is an awesome word!"

This blog post brought to you by "she actually blogging again! day" and the book, Weird and Wonderful Words, by Erin McKean

lets face it...

I'm never going to deal with that last word box. I'm sure there are some fantastic words in there, but I'm just plum done with the word box. I'm lame. Sorry.

Instead, I will find cool words to share with you as I see fit. Take it or leave it.

duwayne wayne is alive and well

My morning was made a little brighter this Monday when I went to my school and saw this kid who was dressed just like Duwayne Wayne! It's safe to say, I'm glad I got out bed this morning.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


You get to eat ice cream when you have your tonsils taken out.

Not only is it not true that you get to eat all the ice cream you want, but you cannot eat ANY ice cream. Apparently, the dairy in the ice cream leaves a coating on your throat that impedes the healing process. So, if you are going to have your tonsils out, be prepared: it's just popsicals and ice chips for you...sucker

Friday, October 12, 2007

as you wish

A few weeks ago I went camping with a few friends. We had a blast; my friends do car camping up right, and we played games, cards, boccie ball, and croquet. Yes, I said "croquet." Croquet is actually quite fun. I didn't believe it either, but it is true. I dare you not to have fun while playing croquet; I double dog dare you!

Ironically, this game of croquet came exactly one day after my dad told me he was giving our crochet set to good will. We've had a croquet set in our garage since my grandma died 7 years ago, and before that it sat in her storage room. I told my dad that I had never played and never would play croquet, so he should go ahead and give it away. Oh, how I was kicking myself the next day! You mean I had this game at my fingertips my whole life and never played it, only now (once it's been given away) to learn how wonderful it is? Luckily, when I arrived home from camping, I discovered that my dad had not yet made the trip to goodwill, so the croquet set is still safely stowed in our garage. YAY!