Monday, November 06, 2006

Pinwheel, Pinwheel...

Some of you may remember the show Pinwheel from Nickelodean. My memories of this show are few; I mostly remember the theme song and that the show seemed to go on FOREVER with out end. I would get so mad when each new episode started up (for some reason Nick played the show all morning long!).

I also remember a few of the characters such as Herbert and Lulu (two bugs that would drop down and talk to someone through a window), and Admiral Bird. My strongest memory, after the theme song, is of all these different sized and shaped boxes and that when someone (I don't know his name) would open the boxes he would hear sounds.

Anyway, here is a YouTube clip of the opening credits. Below you will find the lyrics in case you want to sing along. Even though this was far from my favorite show as a child, I still have a soft spot for it & the song.

Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around. Look at my Pinwheel and see what I've found.
Pinwheel, pinwheel, where have you been? Hello, how are you, and may I come in?
Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around. Look at my Pinwheel and see what I found.
Pinwheel, pinwheel, breezy and bright. Spin me good morning, spin me good night.

Theme song music by Jay Lee, lyrics by Janet Gardner

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