Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well done, everyone! Well done!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Discover all the Cleaning Possibilities!

Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!!

I just bought Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers, and man oh man, I am in love! I'd heard the raves about this product, and I finally purchased it tonight to get rid of some scuff marks. The scuff marks came right off - virtually no elbow grease was needed - just Mr. Clean's Magic! I don't know what these things are made of (not listed on the box), and I'm somewhat scared that I spread toxins all over my walls tonight, but the erased scuff marks* are adequately distracting my fears. I still recommend baking soda as a cleaning agent whenever possible, but the awesome power of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser cannot be denied!

*in no way does this mean I have cleaned all the scuff marks in our apartment.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yeah, sometimes I miss it...

I started playing the violin in third grade. I took one year off (7th grade) and missed it so much that I rejoined the orchestra in 8th grade and continued all through h.s. I was not the best violinist ever, but I was pretty good (improving from a 2nd violinist to 4th chair first violinist in a year's time*).

I loved it. I loved how so many different people could come together and create a such spectacular sounds; ensemble pieces really are quite cool. I think you also become close to the people with whom you make music. Perhaps that is because everyone transitions from suck to (hopefully) great with each new piece of music leaving little room for peer judgement, but quite a bit for encouragement and camaraderie.

When I went to college I again stopped playing the violin. I was not nearly good enough to be in college orchestra, and playing the violin solo was just not for me. Piano - that's a solo job. Violins belong in an orchestra. So, I hung up my violin and have rarely looked back.

Occasionally I find myself missing it, however. Like tonight. Tonight I'm sitting here writing a paper on the rise of China's soft power and I'm listening to a CD of my old violin teacher's quartet. The tone from the instruments is just beautiful and right now, at this moment, I miss playing in an orchestra.

Ah well... that is all.

*Having played both, I don't think it's quite fair to assume 2nd violinists aren't as talented as 1st violinist (although that is how we were ranked in my h.s. ). Generally, 1st violinists play more of the melody, and many times that is easier than what the 2nd violinist had to play.

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Monday, December 11, 2006


Watch this movie. It is very funny. It stars Justin Long. Need I say more? I don't think so....

Seriously, it is really entertaining. I don't understand how someone could watch this movie and not love it unless they are a fanatical movie snob. Your run of the mill movie snob will love it.
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A "came from" treat

I must be in the "next blog" rotation or something because I've noticed I've been getting some traffic from unknown blogs on blogspot. One such blog is A Day In Boredom.

The author, a high schooler, uploads his YouTube videos to this handy-dandy blog. I think this dude is pretty entertaining and creative. What's more, he's obviously having a lot of fun. He often sings songs and his "Bunch of Things" segments remind me of Sifle and Olly's "Calls from the Public." I've spent a big chunk of time watching his videos and I liked many of his posts. You may enjoy this one and this one, or (for a song) this one. Aside from his YouTube videos he makes music (some of which can be heard on his blog, but he also links to his MySpace Music Page).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thing 2

I came across this PC & Mac commercial today. It brighted my day because I love these commercials and I love Justin Long. I am also hoping it means that Matt was wrong, but I do not have time to investigate and I don't want my hopes shattered right now. Anway, enjoy:

Thing 1

I have not forgotten about the word box. I simply have not had adequate time to devote to the words in the word box. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend, but more likely it will after finals (which is a week from today).

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cute or down right scary?

I went to Cute Overload today because I needed a little pick me up. As well as some really cute photos of adorable pets, I came across "The bears are hogging the playset again" Maybe it's just me, but I find the idea of several bears hanging out at a playground disconcerting. At first I thought it was a zoo and the playground was for the bears, but I don't think so - if you look at the picture I think it's more likely that this is a playground in some picnic area of a national or state park. Can you imagine coming across that scene? I'll bet Panda can...

Alright, break's over...back to work!