Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've been bitching a moaning about iTunes playlists becuase there was no way I could see to arrange the songs in the order I wanted. Pretty lame when your trying to make a mix. Well, I don't know if something was clicked that shouldn't have been all the other billion times I tried to move songs around, but by golly, it's working now! Yeah!!

I love having the week off!

I took the week off work this week because I'd planned to drive my friend to Arizona and then fly back on Sunday. Unfortunately, reality hit when I looked up air fare for a one way ticket from Pheonix. Still, I'm off work and I am loving it!! I haven't done anything major, but I've spent most of the day today in the Bread Co putting more music on Cooper and when the rian stops I'll head home to (hopefully) do some housework before heading out to swing dancing tonight. Tomorrow: a bike ride! Can I just never go back to work?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

10 things I hate

...a negative nilly's take on the ol' "10 things I love" list

people talking during movies/tv shows
being "spoiled"
people who are "too cool" to have a good time
name dropping
the sound of the alarm clock
people who "don't watch t.v." and think they are superior because of it
doing laundry
taking out the trash
changing lightbulbs

I don't like it.

Why don't the words "bear" and "fear" rhyme? The look like they should, but by golly, they do not!

I'm hot on your heels

Yep, I'm a runner. Actually I hate running, but desperately want to learn to love it, so while I was on the treadmill training my legs to go up hill in anticipation for my summer trip to Missoula where my college buds and I will hike to the M on Mt Sentinel, I switched up my routine and jogged a little. For four very long minutes. I tell ya this much: running is more of a work out than walking or biking.

Meanwhile, I am very excited about my trip in July! I have been back to Missoula in 2 years and it is just about my favorite place to be. We are also going camping in Glacier for 3 nights. I am a little worried about bears since we will be in Griz Country, but Glacier is the most beautiful place I've ever been, so I'm just going to take a heathy amount of bear fear with me on my trip and call it good.

Planting Flowers

Yesterday my co-worker and I went to Lowe's to make a new key for our office. The key ended up not working, but the day was not a total loss becuase I got some flowers! They are daisies - my favorite . I have some simple white daisies, and some yellow and pink daisies. I just finished planting them in a pot, they have really brighted up my office! I hope this is an indication of a great summer!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Six Degrees of Separation Game

Connect these two actors in 6 degrees or less:

Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek
This blog post is brought to you by "Movie Mondays"

Monday, May 15, 2006

If you can't save yourself, warn others!

Going to the movies can often end in despare and heartach if the movie is bad enough. Have you ever walked out of a theater becuase a movie was so bad? I have not, although there were two movies that I would have left during the middle of had I not been with other people.
Jurassic Park: Lost World
Mr. Wrong

Both terrible, terrible movies. And both with actors I love: Alessandro Nivola in JP:LW and Ellen in Mr. Wrong. Do not see these movies! I saw them many many years ago, and I'm still not quite over the trauma they caused.
This blog post brought to you by "Movie Mondays"


SP and I went backpacking this weekend at Hawn State Park and hiked the 10 mile loop trail. Supposedly easier than the trek we made last month, this trail kicked my ass. The views and cascading creeks made it all worthwhile, however, and this is a hike everyone should take. The trail takes you through pine forests, over boulders and through knee high water. It's pretty much totally awesome.

Our campsite was nestled at the V of two streams, so we were almost completely surrounded by the gurgling of the water as it flowed into a small swimming hole at the tip of the V. It was gorgeous! We saw lots of snakes (big! and fortunately not at our campsite), salamanders, and butterflys as we tromped along the path.

Swamped, yet unmotivated

That's me today. I'm at work all alone. It's gloomy outside. I have a "to do" box instead of a pile, and yet.... I am blogging.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

yuck - why is that?

Have you ever noticed that every once and a while you will find yourself writing with a really smelly sharpie? I write with sharpies a lot in my line of work, and usually the smell does not bother me because it rarely lingers. Today, however, I wrote with a sharpie and the page with the markings still has the strong and distinct aroma of yucky permanent marker smell. It's been a half an hour since I wrote with the marker! Why is that?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Magic Eight Ball...

Magic eight ball, magic eight ball, will my friend Poxy ever get to Arizona?


Well, it's taken Poxy a few extra days to get loaded up and move herself and her two dogs to the Grand Canyon State, but she called today and thinks today is the day. Magic Eight Ball seems to think so too, so good luck Poxy! And, to help you fit in, here is some usless information about your new home:

state bird
Cactus Wren
state reptile
Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake
state amphibian
Arizona Tree Frog
state flower
Saguaro Catus Blossom
Have fun in the Pheonix, Poxy!!!