Wednesday, April 30, 2008

baby momma

This probably won't come as a big shock to anyone, but I just thought I'd send out a PSA anyway:

Baby Momma is not a funny movie.

simply delicious

Tonight I had vanilla ice cream and strawberries for dessert. It was delectable, and simple.

Monday, April 28, 2008

in the home stretch

In less than two weeks I will be finished with my student teaching! Now, I just have to make sure I pass my teacher-test and get a job! Hurray. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

let me take a moment to say, "I was right!"

For years I have been saying that the law in Law and Order equals the police, and the order equals the lawyers. For years, I have been told I am wrong; I have been told that the police keep the order and the lawyers keep the law. I maintained that the police enforce the law and the lawyers enforce the order to the law. Well, ladies and gentleman, I am right! Yesterday I saw a commercial for Law and Order that identified the police as the law part of law and order. So there! This should be particularly interesting to a particular reader who was on the wrong side of this argument...

how quickly idealism fades...

After grading packets full of summaries, graphic organizers, and poster projects all night, the idea of assigning nothing but multiple choice tests has become very appealing. Creativity and alternate ways of expressing learned information are highly over-rated.

i just

  • ate a gigantic bowl of chocolate ice-cream.
  • found a copy of my undergrad transcript (that I thought I'd lost).
  • applied for some teaching jobs.
  • turned on the air conditioner. After the ice cream, this is the best decision I've made all day.
  • came to terms with the fact that I do not have a head for lyrics. I had to admit this after hearing (and singing along to) Little Boxes all day only to still mess up the words when I tried to sing it on my own. It's a very short and simple song.
  • wondered why a student would ask me if I am "goth." Goth, really?
  • realized the bag of papers I have to grade is still in my car...
  • brought up my bag of papers and remembered that at the beginning of my stew-tea I promised myself never to bring home papers to grade. So much for that.